The Art of Culinary Photography

The best way to sell a product is to capture the essence of the product with a professional photograph. When it comes to photographing food, it is even more important to set up the food so that it is appealing to a general audience.

Photographing food can be difficult. There are many aspects to different foods that are hard to convey with a picture, which makes the framing of the subject all the more important. With food, there is a story to tell. The story begins with the ingredients used in the food. If the ingredients are not obvious, the photographer may choose to incorporate the ingredients as a part of the photo. For example, if the recipe contains red onion, the photographer may place a red onion alongside the plate of food so potential customers know what is included in the recipe.

The next part of the story is the presentation of the food. In culinary school, chefs are taught how to plate the food in an appealing manner. Learning how to plate food properly not only makes the food appealing to the customer, but it also makes for a great photograph. When plating food, the key is to leave some white space on the plate. After placing the main component of the meal on the plate, and then filling in with the other pieces of the meal, it is important to use color to make the meal stand out. Color can also contribute to the photograph, making the meal pop.

When a meal has been plated and is ready for the photo, it is up to the photographer to come up with the proper lighting and background. Lighting can be natural or artificial. It depends on how to best present the food on the plate. Artificial light is typically used in order to provide more of a dramatic affect. With artificial lights, you can use shadows to better enhance the nuances of the food. A background can be as simple as a black or white cloth, which keeps the lines simple and better highlights the food.

Culinary photography is an art form that can make or break a restaurant. Professionals such as Global Image Creation can take a picture of food and make it look savory and appealing to anyone.